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Eaton Aeroquip offers the world’s finest fuel and hydraulic hose assemblies for Aerospace and Industrial applications.

Mecanair is the Swiss distributor of Eaton Aeroquip brand Aerospace products, and this is a responsibility we take very seriously. Mecanair is EASA & FAA-approved to pressure test or overhaul any fluid conveyance hose assembly.

So please send your old hoses (just put them in a bag and we will sort them out – no part numbers required). We will either test or overhaul your hoses with all new material (except reusable fittings). Each job will be returned with an EASA or FAA dual release Form.

Mecanair looks forward to serving you and we are sure that your aircraft will smile with its new hose assemblies.

We are proud to be a factory authorized service center for the following manufacturers :

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