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We are specialized in the overhauling of both Lycoming and Continental piston aircraft engines, and have a reputation for some of the finest engines available. Mecanair SA has served the aviation industry since 1978 providing quality aircraft engine repairs and overhauls.

EngineAssembly room

Features of engine overhaul

  • Overhauled to factory new specifications.
  • All engine airworthiness directives complied with.
  • Crankshaft and all steel parts magnafluxed and certified.
  • Connecting rods rebushed and sized.
  • Rocker arms rebushed and refaced.
  • Fuel system and turbocharger rebuilt.
  • New ignition harness and spark plugs.
  • Accessories overhauled or factory exchange.
  • Oil cooler flushed, pressure tested and certified.
  • All external engine hardware cadium plated.
  • New parts installed exceeds manufacturer recommendation.
  • Engine run in test cell.
Engine test stand (télécharger) EngineEngine test stand EngineEngine test stand EngineNDT inspection of crankshaft EngineEngine test stand EngineEngine test stand


Our cylinder shop offers our customer repair and overhaul capabilities for their cylinder needs:

Valve grindingValve grinding
Cylinder surfacingCylinder surfacing

  • Complete reconditioning or repair of aircraft cylinders.
  • Machining of rocker arms
  • Valve guides and seats replacement
  • Piston balancing
  • Honing of cylinders to oversize
  • Approved dye penetrant testing for crack detection

Using a Mecanair SA exchange cylinder can help eliminate downtime without sacrifying quality.
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Cylinder barrel honingCylinder barrel honing

Cylinders in exchangeCylinders in exchange