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 Mecanair SA - About



In the 1970’s, Michel Devaud was chief of research and manufacturing at an engine development company in Switzerland, where he successfully developed a range of car racing engines for the CanAm and F5000 series for teams such as McLaren, Lola, etc.

Being an enthusiastic private pilot, Michel had already built his own aircraft and organized an aviation engine overhaul department in order to overhaul his aircraft engine and those of others.

In 1976, Michel created his own aircraft maintenance and a/c engine overhaul facility : MecanAir SA. MecanAir performs maintenance on a wide range of light aircraft, warbirds and vintage airplanes such as Spitfire, AT-6, Wildcat, Bucker, Tiger Moth, etc. MecanAir holds several STCs for engine/propeller type conversions, as well as for exhaust improvements and noise reduction mods.


MecanAir SA is a EASA145 certificated repair station located at the Ecuvillens airport, Switzerland. We are specialized in the maintenance and repair of aircraft, as well as the overhaul of the engines and accessories. As our activities are growing, we have open a maintenance workshop at Yverdon airport.

Mecanair SA - EcuvillensEcuvillens
Mecanair SA - YverdonYverdon